oliver ray-chaudhuri
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#nofilter 2021
This project in inner city Taupō was prompted by an interest in the proliferation of image culture accompanying modern mass tourism. The focus of the modern tourist is to get the perfect image, which takes on a role as souvenir or postcard in place of a physical artefact. Viewing the landscape through an additional layer or filter can be traced from the Claude Glass used by 18th century landscape painters to the camera and Instagram equipped phones of today. This sculpture creates a sort of ‘one-stop-shop’ for the avid photo capturer, using apertures to frame mirrors which can be angled towards nearby beauty spots. Visitors are encouraged to peer out of the space and use their phone to capture an image before quickly departing for their next destination. The form exaggerates the layer of separation created between us and the world when we document it so incessantly. A physical disconnect between us and the #beauty.
Timber Technology
Matt Liggins
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